GunBlood – Play Western Shootout Game

gunblood logoIf you are the reflexes master and you think that you can control the mouse hard enough, then you should consider playing the gunblood.  The game is a perfect way that you can test how good your reflexes are and how you can click or move the computer mouse in order to shoot to the enemies. The game wants to test the people how they are able to survive a gun fight when they may be caught in one. The game can be accessed using any browser that supports the flash.  You should wait for the game so that it can load and then click at the Start game in order to start playing.  You may select options tab in order to control the sounds with the in-game quality.

How to play the game

play gunblood

The edge that the game has over other types of the game is that it is simple when it comes to be understood. When the player starts to play, he will be given the characters to choose from. The game has 10 avatars that the player may choose from.  After choosing a character, the player has to press at continue so that he can choose the game play mode he wants.

The player has to position his mouse point at the pistol cylinder image at the screen. The trigger has the countdown timer of three seconds.  The player should not move a pointer because it may lead to the timer to stop itself or to reload.  When the three seconds have run out, the player should point the mouse on the top of the opponent and use the left click in order to shoot. But, this may sound easy but it is not since the opponent also tries to kill using the lightning speed and he has to be too quick or agile so that he can win a duel. The quick tip always to the head of the opponent leads to the immediate knockout yandere simulator. To be able to win, the player has to master his reflexes.

The game different difficult levels

gun blood game

When the game progresses, the level of the difficult also increases, the opponents start to take less time in order to shoot and the accuracy does increase. This is why you should also improve the game as the time passes. A new interesting feature of the gunblood is that the player gets some bonus rounds.  The player has to shoot the objects such as birds or bottles while at the same time not hitting an assistant that stands before him.


The gunblood 1 is the game for you in case you are bored with the uninspired shooters and you wish to try something exciting and interesting but at the same time straightforward and simple. The game is meant to test your ability of hitting the target, the patient and the skills.  You have to hit the target faster before the other men can hit you.  This is addictive experience and you are going to have a hard time trying to give up the game.  The game will give you a stiff competition and it is kind of the gun women and gunmen which made the Wild West to be wild at the beginning.